Truck Side Curtain

All our vehicle side curtains are made from a high quality 900g PVC and are available in a wide range of colors. We supply to both new builds and refurbishment projects. Sign writing is available applied either by hand or digitally printed to enhance your company's image. Anti-vandal curtains can be made with an added security mesh sandwiched between the outer 900g PVC and an inner layer to help prevent theft or illegal entry.

We can supply ventilated side curtains for use with pigeons or poultry made with high quality PVC mesh panels. Insulated curtains are available with an insulation material sandwiched between the outer 900g PVC and an internal 610g PVC. Internal PVC mesh curtains are also available to help retain a load.

All side curtains are manufactured with stainless steel over centre buckles as standard with pull release buckles an extra option. High quality rollers are used at the top designed to fit all standard tracks. We can also supply these as spares along with side curtain straps and PVC patching material or if preferred we can offer an on-site repair service. Fitting of new vehicle side curtains can also be undertaken either at our premises or on-site to provide a total service.


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