Truck Cover tipper covers & tarpaulins

Truck covers not only protect the material being transported from the elements as well as theft, pilferage etc. but also project the image of the company. All of this is done while adding minimal weight to the truck so as to maximize the weight for the cargo. The protection of the transported goods as well as the advertisement for the company and all this with a strict weight constraint put exceptional demands on the fabric. The type of base fabric, the coating and the surface painting have a large impact on the tear-out force, tear-out resistance, flexibility, print reproduction and durability. Depending on the application and operational demand, truck tarpaulins are available in different weights, widths, finishing and many attractive colors.

Advantages of SIOEN’s Truck Covers & Tarpaulins Fabric:


Truck Curtain Sides / Curtain Sider Trucks

Curtain siders are an advanced transportation system developed for greater efficiency in transportation and haulage of cargo at the same time providing exceptional brand advertising. Curtain sides are designed to provide fast and easy access to your cargo in the body of your vehicle, while keeping it secure and sheltered.

Curtain sides are a combination of a flatbed transportation, allowing for unloading from the side of your vehicle, with the added protection you would expect from a dry van, combined together to provide an ideal method of transporting large loads, while protecting your goods from the elements in a convenient and efficient way.

Our special intrusion resistant webbing in the curtain sides are designed for maximum durability and convenience. PVC curtain sides made with SIOEN’s unique 6×6 panama weave fabric are extremely durable, they ensure your goods are protected from the harsh external elements keeping your vehicle water-tight and sealed for a secure, neatly contained transport vehicle.

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