Kadors Technical Textile Reinforcement

Belgium based SIOEN Industries is one of largest manufacturers of Professional Kador- Technical Textile Reinforcement. A unique construction of heavy duty coated polyester fabric welded to a cord of solid PVC material, resulting in a very strong, flexible and slippery track welting that slides easily and effortlessly bends around curves.

Our product is specially designed for making

It is available in many specifications (sizes, colors, weaves) or can be manufactured as per specific requirements.

Amongst the many different varieties of KADOR the two most commonly used are One Flap and Two Flap Open. Furthermore there are two main different requirements as to the coating of the product, namely one side coated or two sides coated. For most application only one side of the fabric should be coated as the finished product is then much easier to guide the finished product into the aluminum, etc. supporting structure because there is much less friction compared to a two side coated fabric.

A most usual KADOR is the One Side (open) K X-10-30 KADOR where the weld would be 10mm wide and the flap including the weld would be 30mm. The X in the product code here will have to be substituted by the desired diameter

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