Inflatable Structures

Our Inflatable Structures can be used for a multitude of Multi Sports uses including Athletics, Tennis & Football. Inspired Structures design and manufacture high performance inflatable structures. The unique design and construction of our inflatable structures gives them an unrivalled portability and quick setup of an inflatable combined with the strength and solid rigidity of a metal framed structure.

Our inflatable buildings can span great distances and can also withstand inceased wind and snow loads - especially key in our present changeable climate. Whether you need inflatable structures to cover an outdoor Swimming pool, ice hockey, Golf Driving Ranges, Cricket Nets, Badminton, Volleyball, Table Tennis and Athletics our domes provide all year round or seasonal protection to enable you to increase revenue from your facilities through out the year.

PVC coated Weldable webbing Applications:

Weldable webbing lets you strengthen/re-enforces your fabric creations where needed and as such its applications can be many. Few major applications are listed below:

Clients Roofed With Membranes
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